Junior Seminar

All International and Public Affairs concentrators take a junior seminar in the fall or spring of junior year.  Junior seminars examine a problem or issue in international and public affairs from a multi-disciplinary perspective, often taking a comparative global perspective or studying a phenomenon over time. Junior seminars often cut across concerns about development, governance, and security. The seminars are intended to help students hone skills of critical analysis and argumentation and introduce students to the process of designing and conducting social science research in preparation for their senior honors theses or capstone projects.

  • Junior seminars must be taken junior year.
  • Junior seminars are WRIT designated.
  • Junior seminars cannot be substituted with other courses offered through IAPA or through other concentrations.
  • Junior and senior seminars are not interchangeable; they have different puposes.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take junior seminars for a grade, as they are an important building block for senior year.