Declaring IAPA

The IAPA concentration is one of the largest at Brown and there are several steps in the declaration process. Students should begin the filing process early in the spring of sophomore year.

The IAPA Declaration Process

(Please read this carefully and follow all the steps so that the process goes smoothly!)


Download and complete the IAPA Concentration Form

  • List courses for all 11 requirements.
  • Include courses you've already taken and those you plan to take, drawing from the list of courses that are currently offered.
  • Double check the IAPA website to make sure the electives you select count for your track.
  • This is a plan and is not set in stone. You can change/update the final course plan during senior year.

STEP 2 (once you have completed the IAPA Concentration Form)

Meet with any member of the IAPA Faculty Committee

  • Sign up for office hours.
  • Email a copy of your completed concentration form to the faculty member ahead of time and bring a copy to the meeting or be prepared to share it on Zoom.
  • Be prepared to discuss your plan of study, your interests within IAPA, capstone options, and plans for study abroad.
  • Bring any questions you have about IAPA.

STEP 3 (Once the member of the IAPA faculty committee has approved your concentration form)

Log into ASK and submit your declaration

  • List all 11 courses, labeling each one with the requirement you are using it to fulfill.
  • List only pre-approved electives (see website for list). You will be able to petition for courses not on the list AFTER your declaration has been approved.
  • Make sure that you list one junior seminar (1700 level course) and one senior seminar (1800 level course)
  • If you plan to apply for honors, list IAPA 1816a and 1817a, the two-semester honors sequence, instead of a senior seminar.
  • If you are substituting an intermediate or advanced language instruction course for a methods requirement, please list only the highest level course you are using (e.g., ARAB 400 or HISP 600), not lower-level courses. Please label that course with the methods requirement (qualitative methods or quantitative methods) that you are substituting it for.

Note about selecting a preferred advisor: you may be assigned to another member of the Watson faculty as your ASK advisor.

Contact Anita Nester (, Concentrations Manager, with questions about the process.