Study Abroad

Brown undergraduates may choose from a variety of study abroad program options to earn academic credit for a semester or academic year abroad. From directly enrolling in a university overseas to participating in a language immersion program to studying at a field station; there is a program to fit your interests!

How do I apply to go abroad?

Visit Global Brown for information about the types of programs and how to apply.

Will my courses count for IAPA?

Two courses per semester — for a total of four if abroad for one year — may be applied toward IAPA.

IAPA credit is dependent upon course content and level. Most students use study abroad to fulfill the track electives requirement. 

Study Abroad Approval Form.

When should I go?

Study abroad is recommended during the junior year.
NOTE - students are required to take their junior seminar at Brown. Plan accordingly!

Is study abroad required?

While IAPA strongly recommends study abroad, it is not formally required.