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Entrenchment and Health Equity

Eric Patashnik recently edited the volume Entrenchment and Health Equity in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.
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A roadmap for immigration reform

Dany Bahar recently co-authored a report titled "A roadmap for immigration reform: Identifying weak links in the labor supply chain."
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The trouble with Taiwan

Lyle Goldstein authored an essay published in the latest issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists titled, "The trouble with Taiwan."
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The Future of India

Ashutosh Varshey and Arvind Subramanian were panelists during the annual Hauser Symposium on "The Future of India".
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Professor Robert Blair granted a seed award

Professor Rob Blair has been granted a 2023 Seed Award for his social sciences proposal titled "Understanding and preventing violence against environmental activists in the Amazon."
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The Psychology of Nuclear Brinkmanship

Reid Pauly and Rose McDermott recently co-authored a paper published in the January issue of International Security titled, "The Psychology of Nuclear Brinkmanship."
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The Economic Sociology of Development

Professor of Sociology and International and Public Affairs Andrew Schrank recently released a new book titled, "The Economic Sociology of Development" published by Wiley.
The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the Center for Digital Scholarship recently launched a project titled, "In The Wake of George Floyd: Mapping Social Movements Related to Systemic Racism in Rhode Island," that focuses on social movements around systemic racism, particularly efforts to end anti-Black racism, in communities in RI and at Brown.