Program Costs

The Brown Master of Public Affairs Program considers admitted students for a variety of scholarship opportunities, and all admitted MPA students receive some level of merit-based financial aid.


Students should consult the Tuition and Fees webpage managed by the Brown Bursar’s Office for the cost of tuition; fees information is updated in early spring each year. Please note each course credit is $8,081 for the 2024-2025 school year. In addition, to calculate your estimated total cost of attendance, we recommend using the worksheets provided by the Office of Financial Aid (select Worksheet D for estimating MPA costs). To help calculate your tuition costs, please consider the program's coursework requirements:

  • Summer Semester 1 - 1 full course credit (two classes, each .5 credits)
  • Summer Semester 2 - 1 full course credit (two classes, each .5 credits)
  • Fall Semester - 4 full course credits
  • Spring Semester - 4 full course credits
  • 10 total course credits (12 classes)

Health Insurance

Students may waive health insurance if they are covered by a comparable health insurance plan. Information can be found on the Student Health Insurance page of the Insurance Office website.

Billing and Payment

Brown's electronic bill payment system is accessible at Students can print, download, or save statements, make payment online, or enroll in the Installment Payment Plan. See the Bursar Office website for information about bill dates and payment due dates.

Installment Payment Plans

Students may choose to enroll in Brown's Installment Payment Plan for the fall and/or spring semester. 

To be eligible for federal loan programs, students must submit a FAFSA at

Learn about our MPA Program Scholarships and Merit Aid.