Michael Kennedy in the American Sociological Association's Policy Trajectories Blog, " I would propose that we think of knowledge not only as a quest to understand structures relatively autonomous from our own understanding, or subjective realities that are the consequences of various life experiences, but focus on those mediating knowledgeabilities that shape how we engage the world with more and less consequence for that world's improvement."
Timothy Edgar, senior fellow at Brown's Watson Institute, comments on the likelihood of American legislators adopting similar surveillance policies as the British Parliament, which has recently passed a controversial law that allows government officials to monitor the web surfing behaviors of Britons for suspected terrorists and cyber criminals.
Foreign Affairs

Global Trumpism (written by Mark Blyth)

Mark Blyth in Foreign Affairs, "Could there then be a higher set of drivers in the global economy pushing the world in a direction where Trump is really just one part of a more global pattern of events?"
The Indian Express

White with rage (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "The minorities — Hispanics (12 per cent of the electorate), blacks (12 per cent) and Asians (5 per cent) — were expected to vote heavily for Clinton."
With hateful rhetoric being spewed between both presidential campaigns, it may come as a surprise to know the current election isn't the nastiest in history. Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow in international and public affairs, describes when it turned positive and when campaigns began to turn ugly.