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News media from around the world rely on the expertise of Watson Institute faculty and researchers to help make sense of current world affairs and public policy issues. On this page, you will find articles that cite research done at Watson, opinion pieces by our faculty, interviews, podcasts and more.


John Eason writes for Urban Institute, "The current trajectory of expanding detention facilities is alarming. To prevent exacerbating the already dire situation, we propose a halt to the opening of any new facilities and consider closing facilities with repeated human rights violations. The evidence is clear: expansion of immigrant detention centers leads to more harm..."
In an interview with Democracy Now, Omer Bartov said, "There's politics, and there's prejudice. And if we don't make a distinction between the two, then what we are actually doing is enforcing a kind of silence over the policies that have been conducted by the Israeli government for a long time that ultimately culminated now in the utter destruction of Gaza."