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News media from around the world rely on the expertise of Watson Institute faculty and researchers to help make sense of current world affairs and public policy issues. On this page, you will find articles that cite research done at Watson, opinion pieces by our faculty, interviews, podcasts and more.


On an episode of Rhode Island PBS's A Lively Experiment, Wendy Schiller discusses a federal judge's decision to dismiss the shoreline access lawsuit, the pros and cons of special elections, and a new report that shows chronic absenteeism in Providence schools.
Rose McDermott comments for BBC News, "You have these kind of established schemas and ways of thinking about things. And you're able to integrate new information into existing structures much more readily and in many cases creatively than you can when you're younger because you don't sit on the same degree of knowledge base."
Stephanie Savell comments for The Intercept "When you look at the big picture, from Afghanistan to Somalia to Burkina Faso, the U.S. government's funding and training of other nations' military and police forces in counterterrorism has largely been ineffective and counterproductive in regards to the pursuit of meaningful safety, for either Americans or anyone else around the world."