Watson undergraduate awards, grants and prizes

The Watson Institute announced its undergraduate awards. The awards recognize academic excellence and provide funding for student research.




Watson Internship and Research Grant

  • Caroline Allen ’23, International Relations
    State Department internship with the US Mission to the Human Rights Council
  • Valerie Aguilar Dellisanti ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Gender Inequality as a Market Failure: A Comparative Study of Valuation Methods and Solutions to the Female Unpaid Labor Problem
  • Erik Brown ’23, International and Public Affairs and German Studies
    True to their Roots or a New Shade of Green? The Evolution of the German Green Party's Positions on Security and Energy Policy
  • Annette Lee ’23, International and Public Affairs
    The Impact of Immigration on Democratic Consolidation: Political Culture and the Case of South Korea
  • John Lin ’23, Biology and Independent Concentration
    Price Transparency for Healthcare in the United States: Promises and Pitfalls
  • Catherine Nelli ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Between Empire and Post-Colonial Nation-Building: A Case Study of French India’s Decolonization in Chandernagore and Pondicherry (1947-1954)
  • Arushi Parekh ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Summer Analyst, Global Markets division
  • Gidget Rosen ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Project Access Austria and McKinsey & Company Vienna Professional Development and Networking Event
  • Gabrielle Shammash ’24, International and Public Affairs and History
    Community in London Revisited

Watson Institute Language Study Grant

  • Jessica Luwis '24, International and Public Affairs and Urban Studies
  • Priyanka Mahat ’24, International and Public Affairs and Environmental Studies
  • Theodore Young ’25, International and Public Affairs

Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs Outstanding Thesis Award

  • Amienne Spencer-Blume ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Blue Traction: The Datafication of Movement and Bodyfication of Threat in the Rise of Gait and Behavior Recognition Technology
  • Benjamin Youngwood ’23, Public Policy
    Breaking Down Intent: Understanding Interests in Providence Municipal Legislative Redistricting

Center for Middle East Studies Research Travel Award

  • Maya Avelino, Middle East Studies
  • Mara Kessler, Middle East Studies

Fulbright Research Fellowship in Costa Rica

  • Shantal Hernandez ’23

Happy and John Hazen White, Sr. Internship Funding 

  • Augustus Bayard ’24, Political Science and Economics
    U.S. Department of Justice, Human Rights Division
  • Logan Danker '24, International and Public Affairs & History
    State of Rhode Island Public Defender's Office
  • Caleb Lazar '24, International and Public Affairs
    Rhode Island Attorney General's Office
  • William Loughbridge '26, Political Science
    U.S. House of Representatives Science Space & Technology
  • Logan Tullai '25, Political Science
    Office of U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Jack Ringer Summer in Southeast Asia Fellowship

  • Matthew Loie ’24, Architecture
    Participatory preservation, construction, and transformation: Ethnic architecture of Indonesia under global development

Marla Ruzicka International Public Service Fellowship

  • Bethenie J. Carriaga ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Internship with Eleison Foundation: Survivor-centered and evidence-based approaches to combat human trafficking and gender-based violence in the Philippines

Mark and Betty Garrison Prize

  • Erik Brown ’23, International and Public Affairs
    True to their Roots or a New Shade of Green? The Evolution of the German Green Party's Position Toward NATO (1980-1999)

Noah Krieger Memorial Internship

  • Daniel Poloner ’24, International and Public Affairs
    U.S. Department of Justice Division on Disability Rights
  • Ethan Minkoff ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Office of U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher
  • Osiris Russell-Delano ’25, Political Science
    Office of U.S. Representative Ritchie Torres

Richard C. Barker Award

  • Catherine Nelli ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Between Empire and Post-Colonial Nation-Building: A Case Study of French India’s Decolonization in Chandernagore and Pondicherry (1947-1954)
  • Spencer Sheppe ’24, International and Public Affairs
    German American Conference 2022
  • Emma Stroupe ’25, International and Public Affairs
    Summer intern for CARE in Washington, DC
  • Tucker Wilke ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Financing Green Technology Projects in Africa through Green Bonds: A mixed-methods analysis

Sarmiento Fellowships

  • Emilia Brito, Economics (Chile)
  • Manuel Moscoso, Political Science (Colombia)
  • Juan Pereira, Economics (Uruguay)
  • María Victoria Taborelli, Hispanic Studies (Argentina)


Honors in IAPA

  • Valerie Aguilar Dellisanti ’23
  • Bianca Auriemo ’23
  • Erik Brown ’23
  • Abigail Carbajal ’23
  • Caitlin Goldenberg ’23
  • Adeline Hahn ’23
  • Ariana Haji ’23
  • Olwyn Kells ’23
  • Annette Lee ’23
  • Gerilyn Maselli ’23
  • Leo McMahon ’23
  • Yohan Mutta ’23
  • Catherine Nelli ’23
  • Ameila Shapiro ’23
  • Amienne Spencer-Blume ’23
  • Tucker Wilke ’23

Honors in IR

  • Simon Giordano ’23
  • Meagan Murphy ’23
  • Lachlan MacKenzie ’22
  • Isabella Yepes ’23

Honors in PLCY

  • Maguire Anuszewski ’23
  • Johanna Bandler ’23
  • Nailah Tukpah ’23
  • Benjamin Youngwood ’23


CCSA Undergraduate Paper Prize

  • Lucas Fromm
    Conceptions of Liberation: A comparative analysis of how four Indian philosophical traditions conceptualize Moksa
  • Aalia Jagwani
    The Departure
  • Adi Thatai
    A Bite of Home: Family Recipes Adapted from the writings of Saramma Kendangath Joseph
  • Kate Salke
    Yantra and Mantra: Aesthetic, Symbolic, and Ritual Unifiers

CCSA Thesis Prize in South Asian Studies

  • Zeeshan Hassan-Andoh
    Lines and Layers: The Formation of Contemporary Miniature Painting
  • Srinaath Kidambi Perangur
    Translating Tyāgarāja: The Sanskrit Songs of South India’s Most Famous Classical Composer
  • Catherine Michele Nelli
    On Nineteenth-Century Indology: Divergences Between Sanskrit and Colonial French and English Reception of Jayadeva’s Gītagovinda
    Between Empire and Post-Colonial Nation-Building: A Comparative Analysis of Nationalism’s Role in French India’s Decolonization in Chandernagore and Pondicherry (1947-1954)

CLACS Dissertation Awards

  • Joshua Schnell ’23

LACA Honors Thesis Prize

  • Shantal Hernandez ’23
  • Miriam E. Rice ’23
  • Josué A. Zepeda Sanic ’23

Noah Krieger ’93 Memorial Thesis Prize for Academic Excellence

  • Adeline Hahn ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Different Paths: The Politics of Medicaid Expansion in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming
  • Maguire Anuszewski ’23, Public Policy
    Telehealth in Maine: Policy Implementation and Practice Implications