Group Independent Study Project with Watson Military Fellows

During their time at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Military Fellows advise and mentor students. On this page, we highlight the research of Brown students who have worked closely with Military Fellows. These papers are the culmination of a research partnership between the student and fellow.

Analysis of Unfair U.S. Approaches to Resettling Refugees: Affecting Factors and Recommendations to Mitigate Discriminatory Inconsistencies.
By Kyra Haddad, Capstone submitted for the degree of A.B. International And Public Affairs (Development)
Advisor and Primary Reader: David Polatty, Senior Fellow & Director of the Military Fellows Program
Secondary Reader: Jonathan Bott, Visiting Fellow & Military Fellow
A comparison between Afghan refugees – from the 2021 U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan – Ukrainian refugees – from the 2022 Russian annexation of Ukraine – and Syrian refugees – from the 2010s Civil War.

South Sudan Protection of Civilians Report 2022
By Isabel Cox and Rebecca Qiu
Facilitated by: David Polatty and Theodore Shanks

Democratic Republic of the Congo Protection of Civilians Report 2021
By Jane Attanasio, Madeleine Savage, Tommy Whiteley
Facilitated by: David Polatty and Theodore Shanks