Student Spotlight: Katie Goldenberg ’23

Katie Goldenberg ’23 shares her experience as the Chair of the Watson Student Advisory Council


Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey


International and Public Affairs (Policy & Governance)

What are some of your interests?

In the classroom, I have been interested in exploring the effectiveness of international systems like the United Nations in creating accountability for human rights violations and upholding international law, specifically in crisis/conflict contexts. Interning with the UN Refugee Agency during the 2022 Ukrainian Refugee Crisis has given me the unique opportunity to witness the efficacy of these international systems in practice. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy learning languages, reading as much and as widely as possible, long-distance running, and hiking/swimming/any kind of movement that involves being outdoors!

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your experience at Watson? 

The most rewarding aspect of my experience at Watson has been working as the Chair of the Watson Student Advisory Council (WSAC). It has given me the unique opportunity to serve as a student perspective to help guide Watson's structure, initiatives, and curricula to best align with student needs. I have enjoyed the strong sense of community within the WSAC; through our meetings and initiatives, I have communicated with so many diverse and talented Watson students whose ideas and skills make the Institute a better and brighter place.

What courses have been the most impactful during your time at Brown?

I took Professor Andreas' "Politics of the Illicit Global Economy" course as my Gateway course for the IAPA concentration, and I was fascinated by our discussions of transnational crime networks and the difficulties of their regulation. I especially enjoyed our discussions of public and private environmental crimes and how their lack of international accountability and regulation has contributed to many of the global environmental crises we face today. I also especially enjoyed Professor Steinfeld's "Rise of China" course, which served as my first in-depth classroom introduction to the history and political culture of modern China.

Where do you see your experience at Brown taking you? 

While I don't foresee a set path after Brown, I hope to attend law school and continue my studies of human rights and refugee protection within a legal framework. I hope to use these skills to build a career within the legal side of policy work, potentially at an international governmental or humanitarian aid organization.