Student Spotlight: Emmanuell Burton ’21 MPA


Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Policy Interests: 

Community-based policy



Why did you choose to pursue your Master of Public Affairs at Brown?

Following my undergraduate work in political science and international relations, I wanted to sharpen the skills needed to make a sustainable impact at any level of government. While I knew this was a lofty goal, the MPA program at Watson provided the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to achieve said impact in an effective, yet ambitious, manner.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your experience at Brown?

The Policy-In-Action Consultancy was the most rewarding piece of the MPA program, as it provided me with an understanding of the professional applicability of the coursework completed across this rigorous, one-year program.

What is your biggest takeaway from the MPA program?

Having the opportunity to learn from so many brilliant individuals, professors and peers, provided me with the opportunity to absorb knowledge and second-hand experience, and that in turn has thoroughly prepared me to take a stride into the professional world. I am currently the program manager of the Black Male Leadership Development Institute at the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, a program dedicated to helping black youth realize their potential to positively contribute to personal and community trajectories.