2021 Watson undergraduate awards, grants and prizes

Fellowships & Grants:

Watson Internship and Research Grant

  • Emma Blake ’22, International Relations concentrator
    Consortium for Gender, Security, and Human Rights
  • Sonia Kelly-Manning ’22, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Center For Justice 
  • Benjamin Pollard ’23, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Military Commissions Defense Organization

Watson Institute Language Study Grant

  • Olwyn Kells ’23, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Russian language/cultural immersion 

Jack Ringer Summer in Southeast Asia Fellowship

  • Bethenie Carriaga ’23, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Research project: COVID-19 and State Violence in the Philippines with PhilRights 

KoChon Fund

  • Yanhoo Cho ’21, Social Analysis and Research concentrator
    Research project: Neoliberalism as Exception: Labor Organizing Suppression in the Korean Garment Industry in Mayanmar 

Richard C. Barker Award

  • Jack Doughty ’22, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    The Intersections of Housing, Mass-Incarceration, and Policing — Comparative and Domestic Research Study
  • Rose Houglet ’22, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Confining Contradictions and Transformative Collaborations at the Intersection of Anti-Trafficking and Prison Abolition

Marla Ruzicka International Public Service Fellowship

  • Mariana Villar ’22, Anthropology concentrator
    Research project: Who cares for the caregivers? The burdens of caregivers of adolescents of Tuberculosis in Lima, Peru 

Noah Krieger '93 Memorial Internship Funding 

  • Kayla Guo ’22, Public Policy concentrator
    Rhode Island Center for Justice

Happy and John Hazen White, Sr. Internship Funding 

  • Caroline Allen ’22, International Relations and History concentrator
    US Mission to the UN Human Rights Council
  • Liam Bendicksen ’22, Public Policy and Public Health concentrator
    SENATE Help Committee
  • Claire Hodges ’22, Public Policy and French Studies concentrator
    The Sabin Center for Climate Change at Columbia University
  • Saoirse MaherGreene ’21, Independent Concentration in Social Trauma Studies
    Rhode Island for Community & Justice
  • Margherita Micaletti-Hinojal ’23, Political Science and Philosophy concentrator
    Refugee Representation Division of Human Rights First
  • Bailee Peralto ’21, Public Policy concentrator
    Mental Health Association of Rhode Island
  • Emily Reed ’22, Public Policy and Africana Studies concentrator
    Bud to Blossom Project
  • Emery Shelley ’22, International and Public Affairs and Computer Science concentrator
    Rhode Island Center for Justice
  • Gina Sinclair ’22, International Relations and History concentrator
    United States Department of State and International Crisis Group
  • Andrew Steinberg ’22, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Legal Services Center's Safety Net Project at Harvard Law School


Honors in IR

  • Elaina Kim ’21: Provocations as Engagement: Korea’s Foreign Policy Strategy in 2017
  • Emma Kumleben ’21: Constructing Arenas of Great Power Competition: Policymaking Narratives and the Globalization of US-China Competition
  • Alexandra Reice ’21: What is the Capacity for Institutional Learning? An Analysis of the IMF in South Africa and the Ivory Coast

Honors in PLCY

  • Grace Banfield ’21: Recasting the Iron Triangle Fails to Serve our Nation’s Veterans: Partial Privatization of the VHA under the Veterans Choice and VA MISSION Acts
  • Isabelle Belleza ’21: Desegregating Suburban School Districts: Understanding Challenges and Evaluating Practices for Effective Policy Implementation
  • Katherine Bennett ’21: A Nation of Growth and Decline: Charter Schools and the Broken Promise for Efficiency and Equity in American Public Education
  • Viknesh Kasthuri ’21: Defensive Medicine: An Elusive Beast
  • Audrey Kim ’21: Holding States Accountable: The Politics of Open Records Laws at the Subnational Level
  • Audrey Shapiro ’21: Innovation in Practice: A Program Evaluation of Young Entrepreneurs of Providence (YEP!)
  • Emily Skahill ’21: The Price of Liberty: Implications of Digital Contact Tracing for Privacy, Public Health, and the Economy
  • Mandana Vakil ’21: The Invisibility Problem: A Study of the Implementation of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act using Two State Case Studies
  • Lucia Winton ’21: Private Wealth for Public Good? A Critical Examination of The Role of Philanthropic Foundations in American Democracy


Academic Excellence in PLCY

  • Sarah W. Calame ’21
  • Viknesh S. Kasthuri ’21
  • Leah V. Lam ’21
  • Yashi Wang ’21
  • Xiao Yu Huang ’21
  • Emily A. Skahill ’21

Academic Excelence in IR

  • Ethan A. Franzblau ’21
  • David J. Scherrer ’21
  • Sophie Xu ’21
  • Elaheh Khademi ’21
  • Alexandra Reice ’21

Academic Excellence in DS

  • Natalie J. Fredman ’21
  • Trish T. Razunguzwa ’21

Krieger Thesis 

  • Emily Skahill ’21

CCSA Undergraduate Paper Prize

  • Srinaath Kidambi Perangur ’23, Sanskrit Classics and Chemical Engineering concentrator

CLACS Thesis Awards

  • Adriana Rodriguez ’21
  • Zachary Kligler ’21