Watson welcomes new cohort of postdoctoral fellows

The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs welcomes its latest cohort of postdoctoral fellows.

The Watson Institute is pleased to welcome a new cohort of postdoctoral fellows who will spend two years researching, writing, and teaching at Brown. These young scholars are a critical part of the Watson community, bringing fresh ideas, new courses, and engaging perspectives to our faculty, students, and staff. Further, their teaching is essential to Watson's emerging International and Public Affairs concentration, in which all of the postdoctoral fellows will be teaching a junior seminar designed to lead concentrators toward forming analytic questions that will help them frame the theses or capstones that will animate their senior year.

"With expertise in social movements, the intersection of race and policing, the legacies of colonialism, and more, this year’s Watson postdoctoral fellows conduct research that speaks to the most pressing issues of our time," said Edward Steinfeld, Watson Institute director. "We look forward to working with our fellows, learning from them, and doing all we can to foster their cutting-edge scholarship." 

Magda Boutros

Areas of Interest: Social movements, policing, criminology, race and ethnicity, law and society

Jori Breslawski

Areas of Interest: Political Violence, Rebel Governance, Civilian Agency in War, Aid and Conflict

Gabriel Koehler-Derrick

Areas of Interest: Comparative Politics, State Building, Development, Politics of Religion, Middle East and North Africa

Aalyia Sadruddin

Areas of Interest: Demographic transformations; political culture; post-conflict recovery, security and governance; Central-East Africa (Rwanda)

Madeline Woker

Areas of Interest: Colonialism, fiscal history, French colonial history, racial capitalism, international taxation, history of inequality