Prerna Singh Selected as Recipient for Rapid-Response Grant on Covid-19

In September 2020, Prerna Singh was selected as a Rapid-Response Grant Recipient for her research on Covid-19. The grant will allow recipents to support projects examining the experiences of society's vulnerable populations, including migrant farmworkers, refugee communities, and sex workers.

Prerna Singh has been selected as a recipent of a Rapid-Response Grant on Covid-19 for investigating and producing, "How an Inclusive Nationalism Can Prevent the Scapegoating of Ethnic Minorities during the Covid-19 Pandemic in India." In April 2020, The Social Science Research Council launched a Virtual Research Center on Covid-19 and the Social Science, an effort dedicated to understanding the coronavirus pandemic, its effects, and its continuing consequences. The central focus was an issued call for innovative, rapid-response research proposals using remote methods on key issues affected by Covid-19. Chosen from a pool of over 1,300 applicants, the sixty-two grant recipients will examine the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic — including focuses on education, the workplace, health care, and religious practices. In addition, the Rapid-Response Grant recipients will explore the various ways communities are responding and coping with measures to stop the virus’s spread including but not limited to lockdowns, social distancing guidelines, and the transition to remote work and education.