Anand Toprani Receives 2020 Richard W. Leopold Prize From the Organization of American Historians

In April 2020, Anand Toprani received the OAH's prestigious Richard W. Leopold Prize which is awarded every two years for the best book on military affairs, foreign policy, documentary histories, historical activities of the federal government, or biography written by a U.S. government historian or federal contract historian.

Anand Toprani received the Richard W. Leopold Prize for his book titled, "Oil and the Great Powers" which was published in June 2019. His work  explores the response of political decision-makers in Britain and Germany to that new landscape, analyzing each in the context of its own geographic, geological, economic, and political circumstances. The book offers historians an important angle of vision on Europe’s twentieth-century decline while providing policymakers with thoughtful considerations on the goal of energy security. Toprani co-teaches INTL 1555 with Michael Dennis at the Watson Institute, and both are professors of strategy and policy at the Naval War College in Newport.