Million dollar grant award will support creation of Watson Military Fellows Program

The Carnegie Corporation of New York recently announced a 24-month grant of $1 million for the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs to establish a Military Fellows Program on the Brown University campus. The fellows program will focus on mid-level military officers who will likely serve in policy-related positions.

“The military fellows program represents an opportunity to build bridges between the academic and military practitioner worlds,” said Ed Steinfeld, director of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. “For scholars, a key part of developing sound security-related research involves engaging directly with military personnel who have first-hand experience in challenging security environments. And for the Brown community as a whole, it’s important to better understand this aspect of public service.”

The Watson Institute fellows program will provide military professionals with a year of exposure to faculty and students studying linkages between security challenges and economic development, human sustainability, and the quest for good governance. During their year in residence, the military fellows will audit graduate-level courses, engage in ongoing security-related seminars, participate in panel discussions and public events with faculty and students, and generate briefing materials on relevant policy issues.

The Watson Institute is planning to host up to eight fellows in residence during the first two years of the program.