The Opportunity Atlas

In collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau, Opportunity Insights, a research and policy institute formed by Harvard and Brown University economists including Associate Professor John Friedman, released an interactive mapping tool called "The Opportunity Atlas." The Atlas helps predict how neighborhoods influence the trajectories of the children who grow up there.

“The Opportunity Atlas,” an interactive tool created to trace the roots of today’s affluence and poverty to the neighborhood where children grew up, by Opportunity Insights launched in October 2018.

Opportunity Insights is a non-partisan, not-for-profit institute formed by economists from Harvard University and Brown University, including Associate Professor John Friedman, whose “mission is to develop scalable policy solutions that will empower families throughout the United States to rise out of poverty and achieve better life outcomes.” The organization was launched “because the American Dream of upward income mobility has faded out of reach for many Americans,” according to Harvard economist and co-founder Raj Chetty.

The Opportunity Atlas answers the question: which neighborhoods in America offer children the best change to rise out of poverty? It uses anonymous data of 20 million Americans from their childhood to their mid-30s to “see where and for whom opportunity has been missing, and develop local solutions to help more children rise out of poverty.”

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