At the end of his eighth and final year as the Howard R. Swearer Director of the Thomas J. Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Edward Steinfeld reflected on the institute's growth as it prepares for the launch of Brown University's new School of International and Public Affairs.
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In a testament to her unwavering commitment to academic excellence and student well-being, Susan Moffitt, professor of political science and international and public affairs and director of academic programs for the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, was selected for the 2024 Faculty Award for Advising and Mentoring.
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The Watson Institute, in a collaborative effort with the Urban Institute, hosted a two-day symposium, "Punishment Beyond Mass Incarceration" on April 4-5.
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A show exploring today's biggest global challenges with the world's leading experts, from the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.
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Mark Blyth, political economist at Brown's Watson Institute, and Carrie Nordlund, political scientist and associate director of Brown's Annenberg Institute, share their take on the week's news.
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The Rhodes Center Podcast, hosted by Mark Blyth, features conversations with some of the most thought-provoking figures in international finance and economics. Mark and Brendan talk with scholars, policy makers, and finance experts about some of today's most pressing economic issues, and about how those issues affect our daily lives.
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Academic Programs

Watson is home to a thriving undergraduate concentration, International and Public Affairs, as well as a highly rigorous and intensive 12-month Master of Public Affairs program. At the PhD level, the Watson Institute’s Graduate Program in Development provides training and research funding to Brown University doctoral students focused on issues of development in the Global South and beyond.

Student Experience

The Watson Institute houses several undergraduate and graduate programs that take an interdisciplinary, comparative approach to policy-relevant learning in the social sciences. Our programs are designed to inspire today's engaged scholars and creative thinkers to become tomorrow's leaders in international and public affairs.

“ My other professional experiences, such as interning at the Brookings Institution and the German Historical Institute, co-editing The Brown Journal of World Affairs, and writing for the Brown Political Review, could not have prepared me better for the Gaither Junior Fellowship at Carnegie. ”

– Erik Brown IAPA Class of 2023

Centers, Initiatives and Programs

The Watson Institute is proud to house 11 region or topic-focused centers, initiatives and projects that are dedicated to research, teaching and outreach. These entities also serve as conveners, sponsoring informative events that inspire dialogue among scholars, students and the public.

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