Undergraduate Programs

International and Public Affairs

Watson's undergraduate degree program, International and Public Affairs (IAPA) equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be engaged global citizens. The concentration offers three tracks: Development, Policy and Governance, and Security. IAPA is committed to engaging students in the classroom, enabling research opportunities with faculty and in the field, and supporting experiential work opportunities.

Benefits of the concentration include:

  • Multidisciplinary perspectives on issues of pressing societal concern
  • Opportunities to focus on particular global regions or policy challenges
  • Guaranteed access to seminars taught by Watson faculty
  • Opportunities to study with public affairs practitioners from around the world
  • One-on-one mentor and advising relationships with Watson faculty
  • Access to a wide variety of research assistantships with faculty
  • Flexibility within the curriculum

In addition, three of the Institute's regional studies programs offer undergraduate concentrations:

  • South Asian Studies, an interdisciplinary concentration in which students work across the humanities and social sciences, geographical locations and time periods to study the diversity of experience in South Asia and the South Asian diaspora
  • Latin American and Caribbean Studies, an interdisciplinary concentration that engages students working on Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the Latinx and Caribbean diasporas
  • Middle East Studies, an interdisciplinary concentration that draws upon courses offered by faculty in the humanities and the social sciences focusing on the diversity and complexity of the human experience in the Middle East and Middle Eastern diaspora

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