Watson Scholars Participate in APSA Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Numerous Watson scholars will participate in the American Political Science Association (APSA) annual conference.

The 2022 APSA Annual Meeting and Exhibition was hosted in Montréal, Québec, Canada this September. This year's theme is Rethink, Restructure, and Reconnect: Towards a Post-Pandemic Political Science and 15 faculty members and postdoctoral fellows from Watson participated in panel discussions including:

Mark Blyth
Author-Meets-Critics: Benjamin Cohen's "Rethinking International Political Economy"
Taking Ideas Seriously in Political Science Research

Robert Blair
Experiments in Post-conflict Contexts
Pathways to Peace: The Effect of Peacekeeping on Post-Conflict Societies (Chair)

Jeff Colgan
The Comparative and International Politics of the Global Energy Transition

Jonathan Collins
Pluralism and Critical Race Theory: Dialogue in Search of Middle Ground
An Evolving Education Governance Landscape
Can We Create a Deliberative Society? Or Must Democracy Do without One?

Tyler Jost
Document-Based Approaches to Studying Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy
Personnel and Appointments in Foreign Policy (Chair)
Leader-Elite Power Dynamics in Dictatorships

Richard M. Locke
Author Meets Critics: "Recoding Power: Tactics for Mobilizing Tech Workers"

Susan Moffitt
Anatomy of Administrative Burden, Bias, and Inequity in Public Programs (Virtual Session) (Chair)
New Theory and New Evidence on Administrative Burden

Eric Patashnik
Mobilization, Countermobilization, and Backlash in the U.S. Policy State
The Politics of Pandemic Response and the Opportunities for Health Policy Reform

Wendy Schiller
Distributive Politics in a Polarized, Post-Pandemic Congress
Parties, Leaders, and Legislative Careers

Andrew Schrank
Rethinking Conceptualization and Comparison
The Politics of Education and Training in Latin America

Prerna Singh
Citizens, States, and Covid-19
The Politics of Social Transformation in India (Chair)
The Formation of Redistributive Preferences in India

Carissa Tudor
From Past to Present: Pathways to Women’s Political Engagement

Ashutosh Varshney
The Formation of Redistributive Preferences in India (Chair)

Margaret Weir
Neighborhoods, Gentrification, and Political Power
Spatial Politics and Municipal Development

J. Nicholas Ziegler
Europe's Evolving Political Economy (Chair)
(Post-)Pandemic Europe (Chair & Discussant)