Research Teams at Brown To Investigate Solutions To Nine Pressing Pandemic Challenges

Director of the Annenberg Institute Susanna Loeb among nine research teams at Brown University to be awarded research support from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Pandemic Response Policy Research Fund.

With support from a new Peter G. Peterson Foundation Pandemic Response Policy Research Fund, nine research teams at Brown University will investigate the challenges presented by pandemics across public health, health care, fiscal policy, the economy and education in the United States, as well as potential solutions in those areas for policymakers to consider.

Through a competitive submission process, Brown Vice President for Research Jill Pipher and a committee of faculty reviewers selected nine of 21 research proposals for awards ranging from $47,776 to $100,000.

“The selected projects identify pandemic challenges needing solutions,” Pipher said. “They look at its wide-ranging impact to our society, and we believe the projects will advance the national conversation about managing a pandemic in this country. I look forward to the knowledge gained and solutions developed as a result of these investigations.”

One of the projects awarded includes:

Supporting Tutors Working with High-Need Students: The Impact of a Social-Emotional Learning Text Messaging Curriculum for Tutors (Susanna Loeb and Carly Robinson, Annenberg Institute.)