The Future of India

Ashutosh Varshey and Arvind Subramanian were panelists during the annual Hauser Symposium on "The Future of India".

Saxena Center Director Ashutosh Varshey and Senior Fellow Arvind Subramanian were panelists during the annual Hauser Symposium on "The Future of India".

India has emerged as a major global power capable of shaping events beyond South Asia. At this year's symposium, experts from the Council on Foreign Affairs and elsewhere examined the future of India and how the country’s economic trends, domestic politics, and foreign relations have affected its rise and viability as a critical international actor. 

India’s Economic Rise: Continued Ascent or Turbulence Ahead? Arvind Subramnian, panelist
In this panel discussion, speakers explore the history and trajectory of India’s economic growth, the various structural factors that led to the nation’s economic ascent, and how challenges from inadequate infrastructure and endemic poverty to a reliance on imported energy will affect India’s future.

India’s Democracy: Resilient or Endangered? Ashutosh Varshney, panelist
In this panel discussion, speakers discuss the health of Indian democracy, including the rise and popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, perceived democratic backsliding, and potential outcomes of upcoming state and national elections.