Genevieve Bates

Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs, 2023-2024
Areas of Expertise Human Rights, International Institutions
Areas of Interest Transitional Justice, Human Rights, International Law and Institutions


I'm an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia. I received my PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 2021. My research interests include political violence and post-conflict politics, transitional justice, and human rights. My book project and related research explores the international and domestic politics of accountability for human rights violations.


In one stream of research, I ask if the international community, especially criminal courts and tribunals, can push the parties responsible for human rights abuses committed during conflict to hold themselves accountable for the crimes they’ve committed. How might threats from international institutions impact on-the-ground negotiations about justice and accountability? I also ask how the promises and pitfalls of accountability can shape transitions from dictatorship to democracy. Do transitional justice mechanisms help or hurt new democracies? Does transitional justice in non-transitional contexts — like the push for racial justice in the United States — face the same kinds of challenges as elsewhere?


Bates, Genevieve, Ipek Cinar, and Monika Nalepa. “Accountability by Numbers: A New Global Transitional Justice Dataset (1946-2016)” Perspectives on Politics 18(1): 161–184, 2020.