Jeremy Lehnen

Director of the Brazil Initiative, Senior Lecturer in Language Studies, Senior Lecturer in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies


Jeremy Lehnen is the associate director of the Center for Language Studies and director of the Brazil Initiative at the Watson Institute. He is the executive editor of the Journal of Lusphone Studies and the vice-president of the American Portuguese Studies Association.  He has served as the interim director of the Gender and Sexuality Studies program, and the interim associate director of the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women here at Brown University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in Latin American studies and has taught at the University of New Mexico, Macalester College and the University of Colorado at Boulder. His book "Neo-Authoritarian Masculinity in Brazilian Crime Film" was published by the University Press of Florida.  Additionally, his work has been published in Luso-Brazilian Review, Journal of Lusophone Studies and Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, among other journals. His primary research interests broach questions of gender and sexuality, particularly masculinity in contemporary Latin American cinema, literature and electronic cultural production.


GNSS 0710A - (En)Gendering the Text: Gender & Sexuality in Latin American Literature and Film

GNSS 1070 - On Both Sides of the Lens: Latin American Women Filmmakers

GNSS 1520 - Latin American Horror

GNSS 1990 - Senior Seminar

POBS 0100 - Elementary Portuguese

POBS 0280 - Mapping Food, Eating Meaning, Making Community: A Welcome to the Lusophone world

POBS 0281 - Digital Dreams: Brazil Cinema on the World Stage

POBS 1090 - Portuguese-speaking Cultures Via Film

POBS 1800C - Constructing Men, Projecting Masculinity: Questioning Gender, Sex, and Sexuality in Brazil

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