Barrymore Bogues

Asa Messer Professor of Humanities and Critical Theory, Professor of Africana Studies, Director of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, Professor of History of Art and Architecture Africana Studies
Areas of Expertise Inequality & Poverty, Race, Identity & Ethnicity, Social Movements
Areas of Interest African and African diaspora political theory, intellectual and cultural histories; African and Caribbean politics; Global South development issues; Caribbean Art; political economy of race, slavery and the history of capitalism


Anthony Bogues is a scholar writer and curator who works in the fields of political theory and historical studies. He is the author and editor of nine books. He is a regular columnist for the South African newspaper, Mail & Guardian, Caribbean newspapers. His articles have appeared in the Financial Times. He is the convener of many international projects including the UNESCO project: Mapping Global Inequality and Race.


Race, Slavery and the Making of Capitalism: This is an international working group of scholars who work on mapping a different economic, social and cultural history about the emergence of capitalism; Mapping Global Inequality and Race. This is a global project which maps both the historical and contemporary forms  of inequality and their relationship to various racial social orders. 

Recent News

Barrymore Bogues comments for the Latin America Advisor, "In 1976, the People's National Party (PNP) government's declaration was linked to political violence; now the violence is explicitly criminal activities. Crime is a major issue in Jamaica."
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