Watson student awards, grants and prizes

Center for Middle East Studies Graduate Research Travel Award

  • Adel Ben Bella, Modern Culture and Media
  • Arif Erbil, History
  • Hosna Salari Sardari, History of Art and Architecture
  • Amelle Zeroug, History
  • Gabriel Zuckerberg, Music

Center for Middle East Studies Undergraduate Research Travel Award

  • Aboud H. Ashhab ’25, International and Public Affairs and History
    Conscription in Syria during the Egyptian Occupation from 1831-1841

Jack Ringer Summer in Southeast Asia Fellowship

  • Angela Wei ’24.5, International and Public Affairs

John P Birkelund Fund For Diplomacy

  • Rachel Blumenstein ’24, History
    Immersive German Language Study: Independent project

  • Margaret Nesi ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Climate Change conference in Dubai 

KoChon Fund

  • Seoeun Choi ’24, History
    In the Margins of History: Uncovering Queer Stories in Korean History 

Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC)

  • Georgia Harrington ’24, International and Public Affairs

  • Michael Ochoa ’25, International and Public Affairs

  • Elliot Trendell ’24, International and Public Affairs

Richard C. Barker Award

  • Ashkay Ameseur ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Dose for Development: The Role of Political Economy and Academic Infrastructure in Pharmaceutical Innovation

  • Michael Ochoa ’25, International and Public Affairs
    Fall Intern: Human Resources and Talent Development

  • Emma Stroupe ’25, International and Public Affairs
    Fall Intern for CARE in the Office of the President

Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA)

  • Theodore Horowitz ’24, International and Public Affairs

  • Theo Illarionov ’27, International and Public Affairs

Watson Institute Language Study Grant

  • Isabella Collins ’26, International and Public Affairs
    Princeton in Beijing

  • Luis Gomez ’24, International and Public Affairs
    German Language Study in Berlin, Germany 

  • Alex Ivanchev ’25, International and Public Affairs
    Tulane's Summer in Brazil - Portuguese 

  • Priyanka Mahat ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Language Study in Granada Spain 

  • Nathanael Perez ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Chinese language study program in Taiwan City

  • Henry Robbins ’26, International and Public Affairs and History
    FLAD in Lisbon - Portuguese

  • Gidget Rosen ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Language Study in Berlin, Germany

  • Nicholas Sanzi ’24.5, International and Public Affairs
    Middlebury - intensive Arabic Summer program

  • Elliot Smith ’26, International and Public Affairs
    Harvard in Taipei - Chinese

  • Hiram Valladares Castro-Lopez ’26, International and Public Affairs
    CET SA program - Chinese

Watson Internship and Research Grant

  • Charlie Adams ’24, International and Public Affairs and Environmental Sciences and Studies
    Ghosts in the (Green) Machine: Policy Feedback and 21st Century Coalitions for Green Industrial Policy in the US

  • Aleye Alemayehu Yeabfikir ’24, International and Public Affairs and Economics
    Invisible Extractive Institutions: How the CFA franc Dominates Monetary Policies in Niger and the Republic of Congo

  • Michela Alioto-Pier ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Women, Life, Freedom and the Decline of Iran’s Theocracy

  • Elisabeth Bernold ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Women on the Hill: A Gender-Impact Analysis of Congressional Staffing 

  • Sophia Block ’24, International and Public Affairs and Sociology
    2024 American Educational Research Association Conference, Research Paper Title: 'The First-generation Experiences of LatinX College Students with one College-educated Parent."

  • Sofia Boroquez ’24, International and Public Affairs and Latin American and Caribbean Studies
    Miami-Dade County Public Schools: A Unique Case of Choice, Race, and Class

  • Emory Brinson ’24, International and Public Affairs
    State takeovers and their spillover effect on state Pre-K

  • Olivia Hanley ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Black Women Activists within the United States’s Civil Rights Movement and in South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Movement

  • Selia Jindal ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Threat to Human Security: Vulnerabilities in Space-Based Infrastructure Critical to Natural Disaster Response research in collaboration with UNOOSA (the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs)

  • Alexander Lee ’25, International and Public Affairs and Engineering
    Boston USAG ofc

  • Serena Levin ’24, International and Public Affairs and Education Studies
    2024 American Educational Research Association Conference, Research Paper Title: “Strategic Niceness:” A Study of Middle-Class Latinx Parents' School Involvement in San Antonio, Texas

  • Isabella Mandell ’24, International and Public Affairs and Environmental Sciences and Studies
    The Effects of Gentrification on School Segregation: An Analysis of Denver Public Schools

  • Bianca Rosen ’24, International and Public Affairs and Middle East Studies
    The Impact of Tribal Ties on Morocco’s Political Stability

  • Daniel Salaru ’24, International and Public Affairs and Economics
    Return to Beligerence: Russia's Escalating Pursuit of Regional Hegemony Through Frozen Conflicts in Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine

  • Isabelle Sharon ’24, International and Public Affairs
    AI Governance Global Conference in Boston 

  • Spencer Sheppe ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Language policy, national identity, and unity a multi-level analysis 

  • Anushka Srivastava ’24, International and Public Affairs
    EAG X Latin America 2024 Conference 

  • Ayca Ulgen ’24, International and Public Affairs
    EAG X Latin America 2024 Conference 
    How, if at all, does the technology through which governments disseminate online propaganda and their ability to hide/expose the source of the propaganda content affect the governemnts' ability to influence public opinion?

  • Anik Willig ’24, International and Public Affairs and English
    The Right to the City: Focus on Indonesia

Honors in International and Public Affairs

  • Akshay Amesur ’24
  • Eva Azazoglu ’24
  • Lizzy Bernold ’24
  • Emory Brinson ’24
  • Logan Danker ’24
  • William Forys ’24
  • Alice Jo ’24
  • Alexandra Lehman ’24
  • Ethan Minkoff ’24
  • Siri Pierce ’24
  • Annie Schwerdtfeger ’24
  • Gabrielle Shammash ’24
  • Spencer Sheppe ’24
  • Salonee Singh ’24
  • Isa Stronski ’24
  • Elliott Trendell ’24
  • Ayca Ulgen ’24
  • Sofia Yee-Wadsworth ’24

Community Service Award

  • Jessica Saez Gomez ’24 MPA

Leadership Award

  • Gulsima Young ’24 MPA
  • Lizbeth Lucero ’24 MPA

Policy in Action Project Award

  • Siddi Chittaraa team: Allison Clark ’24 MPA, Spencer Budden ’24 MPA, Allie Hansen’24 MPA, and Fatima Rezaie ’24 MPA

Academic Excellence Award

  • William Bannister ’24 MPA
  • Alison Clark ’24 MPA
  • Kyler Groner ’24 MPA
  • Maxwell Macort ’24 MPA
  • Hannah Reale ’24 MPA
  • Jessica Saenz Gomez ’24 MPA
  • Gulsima Young ’24 MPA

Academic Excellence in International and Public Affairs

  • Noah Ball-Burack ’24
  • Sophia Block ’24
  • Emory Brinson ’24
  • Sophie Butcher ’24
  • Logan Danker ’24
  • Luca Duclos-Orsello ’24
  • Max Goldstein ’24
  • Catherine Kawaja ’24
  • Ekaterina Komarova ’24
  • Mary Lau ’24
  • Alexandra Lehman ’24
  • Ethan Minkoff ’24
  • Margaret Nesi ’24
  • Ben Piekarz ’24
  • Daniel Poloner ’24
  • Maame Quakyi ’24
  • Elliott Trendell ’24
  • Jane Vaillant ’24
  • Keanna Vaitohi ’24
  • Xucong Zhu ’24

International and Public Affairs Engaged Scholarship Prize

  • Elisabeth Bernold ’24, International and Public Affairs
  • Will Forys ’24, International and Public Affairs

International and Public Affairs Independent Research Prize

  • Margaret Nesi ’24, International and Public Affairs

International and Public Affairs Undergrad Leadership Prize

  • Daniel Poloner ’24, International and Public Affairs

Noah Krieger ’93 Memorial Thesis Prize for Academic Excellence

  • Ethan Minkoff ’24, International and Public Affairs
  • Siri Pierce ’24, International and Public Affairs

Riccio Prize

  • Marcie Madoff ’24, International and Public Affairs

South Asian Studies Undergraduate Paper Prize

  • Anisa Sondhi & Kieran Malik
    “Deviant: The Role of Women’s Sexuality in Notions of Colonial Indian Society”

  • Deven Kamlani
    “Thinking with Sindh: Beyond Borders and Between Memories”

  • Aparajitha Anantharaman
    “Legal Archives of the Colonial Home: Inscribing and Describing the ‘Traditional’ Woman in Nineteenth-Century India”

  • Kaiya Pandit & Shaurya Singh
    “The Great Bengal Famine: An Analysis of Economic Causes"

Thesis Prize in South Asian Studies

  • Phoebe Dragseth ’24, South Asian Studies
    Social Science: “Weaving Histories: Unraveling the Diverging Textile Political Economies of India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam through Colonization and Globalization”
  • Grace Xiao
    Arts: "(Dis)location, Diaspora, and the Camera Image: Zarina Bhimji in the 1980s”
  • Hamsa Shanmugam
    Humanities: “Thēvāram: A Musicological Analysis of Tamil Saiva Devotional Music from a Karnātak Perspective”

Watson Institute Outstanding Thesis Prize

  • Annie Schwerdtfeger ’24, International and Public Affairs
  • Sofia Yee-Wadsworth ’24, International and Public Affairs