Welcome to the Watson Institute! 

To ensure full expense reimbursement, guests of Brown must follow the university's travel policy. Receipts are required for all expenses. Please contact your visit coordinator with any questions — we are happy to help! 

Air Travel

Guests travel to Brown by way of T.F. Green Airport (PVD) in Providence or Logan Airport (BOS) in Boston, depending on flight availability.

  • Please book Economy Class tickets. Business Class tickets are only reimbursable under special circumstances. Please discuss with your visit coordinator.
  • If traveling to Providence: please take a taxi or rideshare to your hotel.
  • If traveling to Boston: public ground transportation to Providence is readily available by:

Ground Travel

Guests travel to the Providence train station, located just a few miles away from the Brown campus.

  • Please book a coach or business-class ticket. Brown does not reimburse the full cost of first-class travel.
  • Please take a taxi or ride share to your hotel or to the Watson Institute.

Rental of a compact or mid-size sedan is reimbursable when transportation by air or train is not readily available. If you do rent a car:

  • Insurance purchased through the rental agency is reimbursable. 
  • Luxury vehicles are not reimbursable.       

Personal automobile travel is reimbursable when the cost is less than or equal to coach class air travel (using 21-day advance fare air ticket pricing) or rail travel. Travelers will be reimbursed at the Federal Government’s mileage reimbursement rate.  

Hotels in Providence are reimbursable up to $250 per night including tax.

Meal expenses incurred during your travel to Brown are reimbursable.

  • Maximum amount allowed per meal including tax and gratuity is 
    • Breakfast = $20
    • Lunch = $25
    • Dinner = $50
  • Visitors can only be reimbursed for their own expenses. Brown’s policy does not permit reimbursement for additional people at meals.

Reimbursement for Foreign Nationals
Travel reimbursement for foreign nationals may only be made for certain visa types. 

  • Visa types B2/WT, A, G, I may not receive travel reimbursements. 
  • Visitors from Canada and Visa Waiver Program countries entering the US on an ESTA must ensure they are admitted under B1 "visitor for business" status (passport entry stamp will be marked "B1")
  • Visitors entering the US on a B1/B2 Visa must have a B1 stamp to be reimbursed.
  • Please work with your visit coordinator to ensure eligibility for reimbursement.