Sonia Planson

Postdoctoral Research Associate in International and Public Affairs and Sociology
Areas of Expertise Children & Families, Education, Immigration, Displacement & Borders, Race, Identity & Ethnicity
Areas of Interest Culture; Race; Immigration; Family and intergenerational relations; Citizenship; Comparative sociology


Sonia Planson is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Sociology and International and Public Affairs at Brown University. She received a dual PhD (2023) in sociology from Northwestern University and Sciences Po Paris. Her research interests lie at the intersection of culture, race, and immigration, and include legal and cultural citizenships. Her book project investigates immigrants’ experiences with cultural transmission in the United States and France, in relation with race and, more specifically, racialized assimilationism. In former work, she studied French citizenship law and older immigrants’ naturalization practices.


Planson, Sonia. Forthcoming. “Considering Genres in Gendered and Racialized Cultural Capital.” Poetics.

Planson, Sonia. 2023. “Race, Cultural Capital, and School Achievement in Race-Blind France.” Sociology of Education 96(1):19–42.

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